The Anthony Scibelli Web Series is a silly and surreal series chronicling the adventures of comedian Anthony Scibelli as he navigates modern life and the peculiar world of stand-up comedy. Incorporating mixed media, like puppets and animation, the ASWS is a quietly cartoonish look at the world. Featuring an all-star cast of the funniest Boston area comedians and performers. The ASWS was screened as an official selection at the Boston Film Gala, the SENE Film Festival, and the Boston Comedy Festival, and episodes of the series won an Award of Recognition at the IndieFEST Film Awards and Best Web Series at the LA Film Awards.

Dino-Warriors! is a documentary short about the greatest cartoon show of the ’90s, the story of four dinosaur brothers who love fighting crime, eating turkey club sandwiches, and confronting serious political and social themes. One nostalgic fan explores the story behind the show, its waves and waves of much cherished (though occasionally defective) toys and merchandise, and learns why people still love the Dino-Warriors! The film was nominated for Best Mockumentary at the KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival and was an Honorable Mention at the LA Underground Film Forum. 

Speechless follows writing professor Jill Goulding, who struggles with everyday tasks after psychosomatically losing the ability to speak. Inspired by the films of Buster Keaton and Wile E. Coyote. Speechless was screened at as an Official Selection at the Portland Comedy Film Festival.

The Stay-At-Home Show is a web series short entirely over Zoom, following the exploits of three childhood best friends as they practice social distancing as best they can.

Unsung Legends of Comedy is a series of documentary shorts celebrating the life and work of talented character actors, comedians, vaudevillians, and voice over actors.